Need to pay the babysitter or want to get your friend back for buying you dinner? Easily send money online to anyone using Popmoney®! This service is completely secure and lets you transfer funds directly to  and from your checking or savings account.

    There’s no need to gather personal information for recipients — all you need is an email address or cell phone number to start sending money. Members can get started today through online banking!

    • Send, request, and receive money with just about anyone online
    • Simple and secure service conveniently available within online banking
    • Quickly and easily send money from your checking or savings account
    • Recipients don't have to have an existing Popmoney account
    • You and your recipients can decide where the money is deposited
    • Send a personal message with your payment via email or text
    • Request money from someone with just their email or mobile number
    • Get an automatic alert when a payment is sent or received
    • Save valuable time; no trips to the bank necessary

    Simply log into online banking to get started with Popmoney!

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