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Teacher Loan Options

Teachers give so much to our community — we wanted to give a little something back. Get a loan that works around your schedule. With our teacher loan plan, you can take a break from your loan payments during the summer when funds might be a little tighter.

  • If you are a teacher for any school system in Middlesex County, you are eligible to join this Credit Union and apply for a loan.
  • If you live in Middlesex County but teach elsewhere, you are eligible to join this Credit Union and apply for a loan.

This loan option is available for auto and personal loans. You’ll be scheduled to make just 10 payments during the year, instead of 12. So you can save up that extra cash or take a vacation before school starts!

See Rates

  • Repayment terms that accommodate the school calendar*
  • Make 10 regular payments during the year, instead of 12
  • No need to make payments during July & August
  • This payment plan is for Personal Loans or Auto Loans
  • No hidden fees
  • Credit life insurance and disability insurance available
  • Prompt, local decision-making and processing
  • Customized, friendly service from our experienced lending team

Call us at 732-727-3500ext. 220 to ask about our teacher loan option today!

*Qualified borrowers only. interest will continue to accumulate on your loan during the months a payment is not made. Please contact a Credit Union Representative for rates, terms and conditions.

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