ID Theft Protection

    Identity theft is on the rise, so we have responded. Our ID theft protection program helps keep your personal information safe and out of the hands of dangerous scammers.

    Peace of mind is invaluable, as are resolution services in case you fall victim. You can choose a protection for roughly a nickel a day. Your idenitity is worth safeguarding — after all, you only have one.

    • Unlimited access to ID theft professionals
    • Dedicated Victim Resolution Services if you do fall victim
    • Case file monitoring
    • Assistance notifying third parties of your status
    • Limited power of attorney (optional)
    • Proprietary supplemental police report
    • Identity insurance claim support
    • Two-year case follow-up
    • Access to education resources, newsletter, and more
    • No qualification requirement
    • No enrollment necessary
    Premium Upgrade

    For roughly a nickel a day, you can upgrade to premium Core Identity Protection™.

    • Monthly fee automatically deducted from checking account
      • $1.50 for individual accounts
      • $2.50 for joint accounts
      • $3.00 for family accounts
    • Unlimited access to case resolution
    • $25,000 of identity theft insurance for each person to cover:
      • Attorney fees
      • Lost wages
      • Miscellaneous expenses
    • No deductible on insurance
    • Discounts on other credit monitoring tools, FICO scores, credit scores, and more
    Did You Know?

    Facts to Know

    • Identity fraud or identity theft is the fastest growing white-collar crime in America today.
    • Approximately 8.5 million people were victimized in 2006. Business and consumer costs are estimated at $50 billion.
    • Identity theft has represented the #1 consumer complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission in each of the last six years.

    Identity fraud has been and continues to be a major threat to individuals, financial institutions and businesses of all types and sizes. Identity fraud affects nearly one out of every twenty people and is fast to commit by simple means or by using new technologies that are readily available. So what is identity fraud or theft?

    Identity fraud is the unauthorized use of another's personal identifying information to obtain credit, funds, merchandise, services, real estate, medical attention or other goods and services in the name of another person. Criminals can assume the identity of another person without even knowing the person. Criminals can even obtain credit, funds, and merchandise without even being seen by a merchant or "live" person.

    What To Do If You Become A Victim

    Fortunately, in most cases of fraud, victims are not responsible for losses. However, proving your innocence is a difficult task. This is why these resolution services and identity fraud insurance are important. Victim assistance is only a phone call away and if victim expenses are incurred, identity insurance helps cover the costs.

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